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Working Together to Keep Costs in Check is your source for up-to-date information and solutions about TV network disputes. This website is a collaborative effort of hundreds of local, independent Cable TV providers located throughout the country in communities like yours. By uniting our companies, we can work together to achieve more flexibility and

Board Meeting 3.20.14

SOUTHWEST MINNESOTA BROADBAND SERVICES BOARD MINUTES March 20, 2014 6:00 PM     BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:                                                       ALTERNATE BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Bingham Lake – Darren Kalvig                                                     Bingham Lake – Carol Goeman Heron Lake – John Hay                                                                  Jackson – Ken Temple Lakefield – Darrell Nissen                                                             Round Lake – Kurt Lintelman Round Lake – Keith Stubbe OTHERS PRESENT

Channel Changes

Channel Changes! FXX is now on channel 71 -programming focuses on original and acquired comedy series, some dramatic programs, and feature films. KARE Weather has moved to Channel 100 and FXX HD has been added to channel 439.

Social Media Training!

Make sure people know your business exists – establish an on-line presence! Classes will help you set up your Facebook Page, Twitter, Google+ and Linked in accounts and help you understand how to use them. Classes to choose from on Monday, April 14th: 9-11 AM Lakefield Library 2-4 PM Jackson Library 6-8 PM Jackson County Central

Viacom Update

Our negotiations with Viacom continue, and we will not stop until we arrive at a deal that is fair and reasonable. Our goal is to protect you, our customers, from excessive increases in programming costs. Go to to get the facts.

Loss of Viacom Channels Possible Next Week

Our Viacom Network channels contract [via the NCTC (National Cable Telecommunications Coop)] expires on Tuesday. Viacom has asked for significant rate increases on these channels. In an effort to stop our subscribers from paying what we believe to be unreasonable rates Southwest Minnesota Broadband Services and the NCTC (the Cable TV Coop representing us and