Business Internet

Business Internet


Helping Your Business Run at the Speed of Light

You have enough to do in a day to run your business which is why you shouldn’t have to worry about your Internet speed and connection. At Southwest Broadband, we provide fast, reliable High-Speed Internet connectivity to provide you with the best opportunity to run your business successfully. Backed by superior Wi-Fi technology and an experienced team of local technicians, you won’t find a better support system in the region. Contact us today to learn more and get started.

Common Additional Features

Static IP Addresses - $5.00/month

Toll Free Numbers - $.12/minute or $.06/minute, $3.95/month

* Access fees and taxes added to monthly billing

Internet Speeds

50 Mbps

$69.95 / month

  • Up To
    50 Mbps Down/
    50 Mbps Up

75 Mbps

$89.95 / month

  • Up To
    75 Mbps Down/
    75 Mbps Up

100 Mbps

$99.95 / month

  • Up To
    100 Mbps Down/
    100 Mbps Up

250 Mbps

$139.95 / month

  • Up To
    250 Mbps Down/
    250 Mbps Up

500 Mbps

$169.95 / month

  • Up To
    500 Mbps Down/
    500 Mbps Up

1 Gbps

$199.95 / month

  • Up To
    1 Gbps Down/
    1 Gbps Up

Custom Services

We recognize that many businesses need special attention and custom tailored services to suit their individual needs. Please contact us with your needs and we will be happy to provide a custom quote.