High-Speed Internet

Fast, reliable Internet for your home, work, and school.

High-Speed Internet from Southwest Broadband

Experience ultra-fast Internet speeds at an affordable price. With speeds up to one Gigabit, we deliver more than 100 times faster Internet than today’s average connection. Achieve more as you surf and stream across multiples devices throughout your home.

Want to ensure a seamless, hassle-free experience? Combine your High-Speed Internet with our Whole Home Managed Wi-Fi technology. Our GigaCenter ensures your Internet performs at its best and highest quality throughout your entire home. Plus, our local technicians will make sure your Wi-Fi services are continuously updated and serviced.

Internet Packages


$39.95 per month
  • Minimal Online Usage
  • 1-2 Devices
  • 12 Mbps Download
  • 2 Mbps Upload


$59.95 per month
  • Average Online Usage
  • 2-5 Devices
  • 50 Mbps Download
  • 10 Mbps Upload


$79.95 per month
  • Includes Whole Home Managed Wi-Fi
  • Gaming Household
  • 6-12 Devices
  • 100 Mbps Download
  • 50 Mbps Upload


$139.95 per month
  • Includes Whole Home Managed Wi-Fi
  • Premium Online Usage
  • 13+ Devices
  • 1 Gbps Download
  • 100 Mbps Upload

How much speed do you need?

Find out how many megabits per second you need to run your devices.