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Wireless Network Equipment & Support for Southwest Broadband Customers

Our Whole Home Managed Wi-Fi service is a low-cost alternative to managing your wireless network. Our technology assures optimal Wi-Fi performance by providing you an advanced GigaCenter or GigaSpire, plus additional Wi-Fi Mesh Access Points. You can also self-manage your Wi-Fi network with the simplicity of our Command IQ mobile app. The Command IQ mobile app enables you to easily monitor and allow or restrict access for the kids’ devices, keeping you in control of your entire home network.

Our Whole Home Managed Wi-Fi technology works seamlessly to:

  • Expand the Wi-Fi coverage in your home
  • Ensure mobile devices receive maximum bandwidth when you move from place to place
  • Enhances the performance of smart home devices
  • Helps to eliminate interference and areas with low or no Wi-Fi penetration

Combined with our professional remote tech support and our state-of-the-art software, we can quickly resolve most Wi-Fi issues with just a phone call. Our software is so advanced that many Wi-Fi issues will be resolved before you call.


Why Do You Need Whole Home Managed Wi-Fi?

As today’s technology continues to advance, almost every device in your home needs a solid Internet connection: computers, smart phones, tablets, TV’s, and products like doorbells, lights, and security systems. Due to the size, construction methods, and materials used in your house and the many forms of interference present in and around your home (including your neighbors’ Wi-Fi), your Wi-Fi bandwidth can be significantly degraded causing your devices to fail and/or perform poorly. It can be frustrating, confusing, and expensive to constantly monitor, manage or fix these Wi-Fi network issues; especially since they change from time to time.

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