• A new phone number or keep your existing number for FREE.
• Unlimited long distance calling between Southwest Broadband and Windomnet Voice customers.


At Southwest Broadband, our mission is to provide our customers with reliable communication services. With options such as Voicemail, Caller ID and Long Distance, our landline phone service will keep you connected when it matters most.

Enhanced Calling Features
Voicemail • $3.50/month
Caller ID $3.00/month
Call Waiting • $2.50/month
Call Forwarding • $2.50/month
Speed Dialing • $2.50/month
Selective Call Rejection • $2.50/month
Busy Call Forwarding • $2.50/month
SIM Ring • $4.00/month
Line Hunting • $2.95/month
3-Way Calling / Call Transfer • $2.95/month
Non-Published • $2.50/month
Non-Listed • $1.25/month
Addt’l Directory Listing • $7.00/month
Plus many more . . .

Long Distance
• Basic Long Distance $.10/min
• Long Distance Plus $1.99/monthly fee – $.06/min

Keep your current phone number!
Local number porting of local phone service from a competitor is free!

*Access fees and taxes will be added to monthly billings.
Access fees include universal service fees and access
fees for Extended Area Service (EAS).